Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Idyllic Palmyra evening

On Tuesday night we had a very nice sunset.

Palmyra sunset on August 9th

After it got dark Tim and I went to Sand Island for some night ops. While we had strobes out to help guide us to the island in the dark, the moon and stars were out and we could easily make out the island from the boat dock without the strobes. The water was so calm it was like being on a lake.

After our return and a shower, it was approaching midnight, and the moon was starting to set. I know my dead Olympus camera does a much better job taking photos at very low light levels, so I was wishing it wasn't dead. But the moon reflecting on the water was just too beautiful not to try and capture the moment with my terrestrial camera. Here are two shots I got, one with the white moon casting its reflection on the water, and a second as the moon is starting to turn red as it approaches the horizon. As you can see, not the world's best photos. You just had to be there.

white moon reflecting on the waters of Palmyra's west lagoon

red moon reflecting on the waters of Palmyra's west lagoon

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