Thursday, September 25, 2014

Something to read while my Palmyra blog is in hiatus

Hopefully I will be blogging again next summer if I return to Palmyra to help complete the three year project. That decision will probably be made in early 2015. In the meantime, I was fortunate to be able to spend time in New Zealand and New Caledonia this month. The impetus behind the trip was to attend the IAMSLIC conference in Noumea, and I was able to stop off in Auckland on my way to the conference and drive around much of the north island of New Zealand. I created a separate blog for this trip, so if you are interested, the link is:

I managed to get in one short snorkel in New Zealand and an entire morning of snorkeling in New Caledonia. I have posted underwater photos from both, but the rest of the pictures are terrestrial.