Thursday, February 26, 2015

Returning to Palmyra for the final year of the project

It looks like I will be returning to Palmyra again this summer to complete the third and final year of field work on this project. This year Professor Fio Micheli is hoping to join me after she had to back out of the trip last year. Tim White will also be joining us. Tim is a new graduate student, and has been to Palmyra Atoll before while working with Doug McCauley on the shark tagging project.

Speaking of Doug, he just receive the prestigious Sloan Foundation Research Fellowship.  You can read about it at:

So there may be a random post or two on this blog between now and when I leave for Palmyra, but once I am on the Atoll, I will try to keep up with pattern I set the last two summers with almost daily blog entries.